The fascination of Egyptian Arabians: Memories of Classic Egyptian Arabians

Over 50 years ago, an extraordinary journey began that would change the world of Egyptian Arabians forever. Ursula and Willi Poth founded their stud farm and became visionaries of horse breeding. With an unerring eye for quality, they brought special, pure-blooded Egyptian Arabians to their Stud Classic Egyptian Arabians. The beauty, endurance, and friendly nature of these noble animals thrilled them, as did the rich history of Egypt and the myths of the Bedouins.

The Classic Philosophy: Arabian Horses selected by purity, beauty and stamina, following the tradition of the Bedouins – Ursula & Willi Poth

My parents, Ursula and Willi Poth, founded horse breeding together in 1972 and experienced the first highlight of their breeding career in 1978 with the founding of the Dobel Stud (Dobel, Black Forest, Germany). I was just nine years old at the time and still remember the exciting time when horse breeding completely enriched our lives.

With great enthusiasm and dedication, my father dedicated himself to breeding straight Egyptian Arabians. He had a vision and worked hard to realize it. Ibn Galal (Magdi) was one of the first stallions he brought to our stud, and then other great animals followed, like Mehanna, Sherif Pascha (At age 2: a video from our open day in 1984), Mohssen, Alidaar and Lohim. His work as an international show judge and organizer showed his deep connection to this fascinating horse breed.

Willi Poth und Sherif Pasha
Willi Poth with Sherif Pasha, World Champion Salon du Cheval, Paris, 1985

Particularly impressive were the Egyptian events organized by my father in the 80s and the Arabian Horse Festival at the Iffezheim racetrack near Baden-Baden in the early 90s, which are still vividly remembered by many people today. These groundbreaking events promoted the recognition and protection of straight Egyptian Arabians and introduced them to an international audience. YouTube: Festival des arabischen Pferdes 1989 Press release in German: Badener Tagblatt 1991, Badische Neueste Nachrichten 1991 and Badener Tagblatt 1992.

In 1990, my parents took the courageous step and moved to Provence in the south of France to successfully continue their breeding there. While they built up their horse breeding in Provence, I stayed in Germany and pursued my path.

Willi Poth & Lohim (Ansata Ibn Halima x Lohelia)
Willi Poth with Lohim, Baudinard-sur-Verdon, France

The years in the south of France were a special time for my parents. They found a new home for themselves and their horses in the picturesque surroundings of Provence. The spacious pasture areas and the pleasant climate offered the horses an ideal environment to develop. In 2010, my parents returned to their German homeland to Hohwieshof estate in Hettingen, Baden-Württemberg. After an unforgettable time in the south of France, during which they successfully continued breeding horses and gained worldwide fame, they felt the call to return home and explore new paths.

Willi Poth with Alidaar, Frauenfeld, 1995. Photo: Irina Filsinger

Even his old age was no reason for my father to retire. He traveled tirelessly around the world with my mother, and his advice was always listened to. In 2018, he visited Egyptian breeders in Morocco; He never stopped passing on his ideals and knowledge at seminars and lectures.

Horse breeding was more than just a business for my parents. It was her passion, her joy of life and her way of connecting with the world. They shared their love of horses with people from all over the world and created a community of horse lovers who shared their enthusiasm.

Willi Poth’s inspiring message for the
Pyramid Society Morocco

In a moving and inspiring video, Willi Poth reveals his lifelong vision and unwavering dedication to protecting and promoting the pure Egyptian horse. As a true role model, he shares this important message to the members of the Pyramid Society Morocco. This video will remain as a final and unforgettable memory for all of us of his extraordinary dedication.

In loving memory of Willi Poth (December 21, 1938 – April 12, 2019), Christian Poth.

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